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Add “INSERT ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE” functionality to SQLAlchemy for MySQL.

Once implemented, you can do

q = sqla_table.insert_on_duplicate().values(destvalues)

Note: superseded by SQLAlchemy v1.2:

class cardinal_pythonlib.sqlalchemy.insert_on_duplicate.InsertOnDuplicate(table, values=None, inline=False, bind=None, prefixes=None, returning=None, return_defaults=False, **dialect_kw)[source]

Class that derives from Insert, so we can hook in to operations involving it.

Construct a new dialects.postgresql.Insert object.

This constructor is mirrored as a public API function; see sqlalchemy.dialects.postgresql.insert() for a full usage and argument description.

cardinal_pythonlib.sqlalchemy.insert_on_duplicate.compile_insert_on_duplicate_key_update(insert: Insert, compiler: SQLCompiler, **kw) str[source]

Hooks into the use of the InsertOnDuplicate class for the MySQL dialect. Compiles the relevant SQL for an INSERT... ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE statement.


cardinal_pythonlib.sqlalchemy.insert_on_duplicate.insert_on_duplicate(tablename: str, values: Any | None = None, inline: bool = False, **kwargs)[source]

Command to produce an InsertOnDuplicate object.


an InsertOnDuplicate object

cardinal_pythonlib.sqlalchemy.insert_on_duplicate.monkeypatch_TableClause() None[source]

Modifies sqlalchemy.sql.expression.TableClause to insert a insert_on_duplicate member that is our insert_on_duplicate() function as above.

cardinal_pythonlib.sqlalchemy.insert_on_duplicate.unmonkeypatch_TableClause() None[source]

Reverses the action of monkeypatch_TableClause().