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Library functions to launch jobs under the Slurm workload manager.


RNC: SLURM job launcher.

  • You can’t use environment variables in #SBATCH syntax.

  • sbatch stops looking at the first non-comment line that is not an #SBATCH line (and the rest goes to the job’s shell).

  • We want to be able to use variable substitution in places, and no substitution in others (for later substitution).

  • The HPHI has Python 3.4.2 (as of 2018-02-17) so no Python 3.5 stuff without installing a newer Python and venv (but let’s do that).

To find out what you have available in terms of partitions, clusters, etc.:

$ sinfo                            # summarizes partitions, nodes
                                   # NB: default partition has "*" appended
$ scontrol show node <NODENAME>    # details of one node
$ sacctmgr show qos                # show Quality of Service options
$ squeue -u <USERNAME> --sort=+i   # show my running jobs
cardinal_pythonlib.slurm.launch_cambridge_hphi(jobname: str, cmd: str, memory_mb: int, qos: str, email: str, duration: timedelta, cpus_per_task: int, project: str = 'hphi', tasks_per_node: int = 1, partition: str = 'wbic-cs', modules: List[str] | None = None, directory: str = '/home/docs/checkouts/', encoding: str = 'ascii') None[source]

Specialization of launch_slurm() (q.v.) with defaults for the University of Cambridge WBIC HPHI.

cardinal_pythonlib.slurm.launch_slurm(jobname: str, cmd: str, memory_mb: int, project: str, qos: str, email: str, duration: timedelta, tasks_per_node: int, cpus_per_task: int, partition: str = '', modules: List[str] | None = None, directory: str = '/home/docs/checkouts/', encoding: str = 'ascii') None[source]

Launch a job into the SLURM environment.

  • jobname – name of the job

  • cmd – command to be executed

  • memory_mb – maximum memory requirement per process (Mb)

  • project – project name

  • qos – quality-of-service name

  • email – user’s e-mail address

  • duration – maximum duration per job

  • tasks_per_node – tasks per (cluster) node

  • cpus_per_task – CPUs per task

  • partition – cluster partition name

  • modules – SLURM modules to load

  • directory – directory to change to

  • encoding – encoding to apply to launch script as sent to sbatch