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Functions for manipulating command-line parameters.

cardinal_pythonlib.cmdline.cmdline_quote(args: List[str], platform: int | str = 'this') str[source]

Convert a list of command-line arguments to a suitably quoted command-line string that should be copy/pastable into a comand prompt.

cardinal_pythonlib.cmdline.cmdline_quote_posix(seq: List[str]) str[source]

Quotes arguments for POSIX, producing a single string suitable for copying/pasting.

Based on subprocess.list2cmdline().

cardinal_pythonlib.cmdline.cmdline_split(s: str, platform: int | str = 'this') List[str][source]

As per

Multi-platform variant of shlex.split() for command-line splitting. For use with subprocess, for argv injection etc. Using fast REGEX.

  • s – string to split

  • platform

    • 'this' = auto from current platform;

    • 1 = POSIX;

    • 0 = Windows/CMD

    • (other values reserved)