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This file is part of cardinal_pythonlib.

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Offers the getch() and kbhit() functions, and other terminal-related stuff.

In this module, getch() and kbhit() are mapped to their OS-specific versions.

cardinal_pythonlib.getch.getch() str

Under UNIX, gets a single character from standard input. Does not echo to the screen. Note that the terminal will have been pre-configured, below.

cardinal_pythonlib.getch.kbhit() bool

Under UNIX: is a keystroke available?

cardinal_pythonlib.getch.set_curses_term() None[source]

Under UNIX: switch to an unbuffered, curses-style terminal. (Compare set_normal_term().)

cardinal_pythonlib.getch.set_normal_term() None[source]

Under UNIX: switch to a normal terminal. (Compare set_curses_term().)