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Django field class storing a file (by reference to a disk file, as for “django.db.models.FileField”) but also implementing limits on the maximum upload size.

class cardinal_pythonlib.django.fields.restrictedcontentfile.ContentTypeRestrictedFileField(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Same as FileField, but you can specify:

  • content_types - list containing allowed content_types. Example: ['application/pdf', 'image/jpeg']

  • max_upload_size - a number indicating the maximum file size allowed for upload.

    2.5MB - 2621440
    5MB - 5242880
    10MB - 10485760
    20MB - 20971520
    50MB - 5242880
    100MB - 104857600
    250MB - 214958080
    500MB - 429916160


clean(*args, **kwargs) Any[source]

Convert the value’s type and run validation. Validation errors from to_python() and validate() are propagated. Return the correct value if no error is raised.