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Simple text-processing functions.

cardinal_pythonlib.text.escape_newlines(s: str) str[source]

Escapes CR, LF, and backslashes.

Its counterpart is unescape_newlines().

s.encode("string_escape") and s.encode("unicode_escape") are alternatives, but they mess around with quotes, too (specifically, backslash-escaping single quotes).

cardinal_pythonlib.text.escape_tabs_newlines(s: str) str[source]

Escapes CR, LF, tab, and backslashes.

Its counterpart is unescape_tabs_newlines().

cardinal_pythonlib.text.get_unicode_category_strings() Dict[str, str][source]

Returns a dictionary mapping Unicode categories (e.g. “ASCII”) to a string containing those characters.

This is large (~5 Mb) so don’t call it unnecessarily and don’t have it as a module-level variable.

NB ‘Alphabetic’ has length 118240; ‘Latin_Alphabetic’ only 1022.

cardinal_pythonlib.text.get_unicode_characters(category: str) str[source]

category – a Unicode category, e.g. “ASCII”


a string containing those characters

Return type:




cardinal_pythonlib.text.unescape_newlines(s: str) str[source]

Reverses escape_newlines().

cardinal_pythonlib.text.unescape_tabs_newlines(s: str) str[source]

Reverses escape_tabs_newlines().

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