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Django middleware classes.

class cardinal_pythonlib.django.middleware.DisableClientSideCachingMiddleware(get_response=None)[source]

Django middleware to ask the client never to cache headers for this page.

class cardinal_pythonlib.django.middleware.LoginRequiredMiddleware(get_response=None)[source]

Middleware that requires a user to be authenticated to view any page other than LOGIN_URL. Exemptions to this requirement can optionally be specified in settings via a list of regular expressions in LOGIN_EXEMPT_URLS (which you can copy from your

Requires authentication middleware and template context processors to be loaded. You’ll get an error if they aren’t.

Other way of doing exemptions, for an exempt view:

def someview(request, *args, **kwargs):
    # body of view
someview.login_required = False

class SomeView(View):
    login_required = False
    # body of view
class cardinal_pythonlib.django.middleware.UserBasedExceptionMiddleware(get_response=None)[source]

Django middleware to report debugging information upon an exception, if the user is a superuser.