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Functions to help with argparse.

class cardinal_pythonlib.argparse_func.MapType(map_separator: str = ':', pair_separator: str = ', ', strip: bool = True, from_type: ~typing.Type = <class 'str'>, to_type: ~typing.Type = <class 'str'>)[source]

argparse type maker that maps strings to a dictionary (map).

  • map_separator – string that separates the “from” and “to” members of a pair

  • pair_separator – string that separates different pairs

  • strip – strip whitespace after splitting?

  • from_type – type to coerce “from” values to; e.g. str, int

  • to_type – type to coerce “to” values to; e.g. str, int

class cardinal_pythonlib.argparse_func.RawDescriptionArgumentDefaultsHelpFormatter(prog, indent_increment=2, max_help_position=24, width=None)[source]

Combines the features of

  • RawDescriptionHelpFormatter – don’t mangle the description

  • ArgumentDefaultsHelpFormatter – print argument defaults

class cardinal_pythonlib.argparse_func.RawDescriptionArgumentDefaultsRichHelpFormatter(prog: str, indent_increment: int = 2, max_help_position: int = 24, width: int | None = None, console: r.Console | None = None)[source]

Combines the features of

  • RawDescriptionRichHelpFormatter – don’t mangle the description

  • ArgumentDefaultsRichHelpFormatter – print argument defaults

class cardinal_pythonlib.argparse_func.ShowAllSubparserHelpAction(option_strings, dest='==SUPPRESS==', default='==SUPPRESS==', help=None)[source]

Class to serve as the action for an argparse top-level parser that shows help for all subparsers. As per

cardinal_pythonlib.argparse_func.nonnegative_int(value: str) int[source]

argparse argument type that checks that its value is a non-negative integer.

cardinal_pythonlib.argparse_func.percentage(value: str) float[source]

argparse argument type that checks that its value is a percentage (in the sense of a float in the range [0, 100]).

cardinal_pythonlib.argparse_func.positive_int(value: str) int[source]

argparse argument type that checks that its value is a positive integer.

cardinal_pythonlib.argparse_func.str2bool(v: str) bool[source]

argparse type that maps strings in case-insensitive fashion like this:

argument strings                value
------------------------------- -----
'yes', 'true', 't', 'y', '1'    True
'no', 'false', 'f', 'n', '0'    False


Specimen usage:

    "--nice", type=str2bool, nargs='?',
    const=True,  # if --nice is present with no parameter
    default=NICE,  # if the argument is entirely absent
    help="Activate nice mode.")