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Convert SNOMED-CT codes, and their children, to OPCS4 procedure codes, given an appropriate SNOMED-and-OPCS download from Athena OHDSI; see See More generally, does this for any pair of vocabularies.


cardinalpythonlib_convert_athena_ohdsi_codes 175898006 118677009 265764009 --src_vocabulary SNOMED --descendants --dest_vocabulary OPCS4 > renal_procedures_opcs4.txt
# ... kidney operation, procedure on urinary system, renal dialysis None[source]

Command-line entry point. str, source_codes: List[int], destination_vocabulary: str, concept_file: str, concept_relationship_file: str, with_descendants: bool = False) None[source]

Print codes from another vocabulary equivalent to the supplied source codes and (optionally) their descendants.

  • source_vocabulary – source vocabulary, e.g. SNOMED

  • source_codes – list of source (e.g. SNOMED-CT) codes to use

  • destination_vocabulary – destination vocabulary

  • concept_file – Athena OHDSI CONCEPT.csv TSV file, containing both vocabularies

  • concept_relationship_file – Athena OHDSI CONCEPT_RELATIONSHIP.csv TSV file, containing both vocabularies

  • with_descendants – include all descendants of the codes specified?