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*Converts a .MDB file (Microsoft Access) database to MySQL, copying structure and data.*

Uses the mdb-tools package.

Under Ubuntu, the following packages are required:

though you may also want these, if you’re planning to use Python/ODBC with MySQL:

What works:

  • schema copied

  • data copied

What doesn’t work:

  • indexes are not described by mdb-schema, so these must be recreated

  • relationships are not supported by mdb-schema, so these must be recreated

We’ll do this with calls to other command-line tools. See


  • REVISED 1 Jan 2013: mdb-schema syntax has changed (-S option gone). See

  • REVISED 16 Jan 2017: conversion to Python 3.

  • Fixed a bit more, 2020-01-19. Also type hinting.

class List[str], dest: str | None = None, nargs: int | str = '?', default: Any | None = None, required: bool = False, type: Callable[[str], Any] | None = None, metavar: str | None = None, help: str | None = None)[source]

This provides a command-line option to provide a password or read it interactively.

Use it like this:

    '--password', type=str, action=PasswordPromptAction,
    help="MySQL password")

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