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Command-line tool to back up a MySQL database to disk, via mysqldump. str, username: str, password: str, database: str, verbose: bool, with_drop_create_database: bool, max_allowed_packet: str, hide_password: bool = False) List[str][source]

Returns command arguments for a mysqldump call.

  • mysqldumpmysqldump executable filename

  • username – user name

  • password – password

  • database – database name

  • verbose – verbose output?

  • with_drop_create_database – produce commands to DROP the database and recreate it?

  • max_allowed_packet – passed to mysqldump

  • hide_password – obscure the password (will break the arguments but provide a safe version to show the user)?


list of command-line arguments None[source]

Command-line processor. See --help for details.