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Helper functions for the Django admin site.

Get a Django admin site URL for an object that’s found from a foreign key in our object of interest.

Get multiple Django admin site URL for multiple objects linked to our object of interest (where the other objects have foreign keys to our object).

cardinal_pythonlib.django.admin.admin_view_url(admin_site: AdminSite, obj, view_type: str = 'change', current_app: str | None = None) str[source]

Get a Django admin site URL for an object.

cardinal_pythonlib.django.admin.disable_bool_icon(fieldname: str, model) Callable[[Any], bool][source]

Disable boolean icons for a Django ModelAdmin field. The ‘_meta’ attribute is present on Django model classes and instances.

model_class: Union[Model, Type[Model]]

… only the type checker in Py3.5 is broken; see