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Functions to help transform data.

cardinal_pythonlib.datamapping.dict_to_map(d: Dict[Any, Any]) List[Tuple[List[Any], Any]][source]

Converts a dictionary into a structure usable by map_value().

cardinal_pythonlib.datamapping.map_value(value: Any, maplist: Iterable[Tuple[Iterable[Any], Any]], transmit_none: bool = True, required: bool = True, default: Any | None = None, name: str | None = None) Any[source]
  1. If the value is None and transmit_none is true, return None.

  2. Map value to a result, via mapping, which is a list of tuples possibilities, result. Work through maplist in sequence, and if value is in possibilities, return result.

  3. If no result was found, then:

    • if required is False, return default;

    • otherwise, raise ValueError, using name to describe the problem.